The Writing Styles of Porn Star James Deen.

Adorable porn star James Deen has a blog.
It is a beautiful work of American literature that rivals all of the classics.

And because of this, we salute you, James Deen.

looks like our boy james deen is starting to get the media attention he deserves.

she has a chelsea cut so at first i thought she might be a nazi. i am cool with that because i really like banging nazi girls. being a jew i am always a little nervous about this, but maybe that is what makes my dick hard about it. turns out she isn’t a nazi so i guess that goes out the window… well maybe she is a nazi, i honestly don’t know. i was worried about asking her because she had my penis in her mouth and if she found out i was a jew she might have bit it off. she seemed pretty cool so i am going to decisively say that she was definitely not a nazi.
James Deen’s blog, 23.12.11.
today i just moved a bunch of stuff and cleaned up. i guess i also made out with three hot chicks and had a smoothie so that was pretty rad.
james deen 24.06
I ate at this restaurant today that has an unpronounceable name. They had greek food because it was a greek restaurant. It was pretty fucking good. My favorite thing at this restaurant was that everything was a surprise. Not literally, but every time the waiter brought us anything that was like bread or after dinner mints the waiter would say “here is a little surprise bread for you”. There was also “surprise melon” and “surprise roses to say goodbye”. The thing is, none of them were surprises because every other table got them too. It was more here is a complimentary piece of bread that everyone else gets too that you totally should have been expecting but I’m going to call it a surprise to make you feel like it is some sort of event. You know what, that shit worked. I knew the melon was coming after dinner but I was still super excited when I got it.
James Deen 21/06/2011
here has been some issue with they way blow-j is spelled. people think it may be blow jay. two words?????? nuh uh!!!! it is one word hyphenated with a letter at the end. you don’t spell out “jay”!!! what type of mad man would do that!!!!!!! insanity i say!
james deen 06/06/2011.
I hate 311. They were a crappy band. Seriously what was the point of them?
James Deen 03/11/2011.
I hate editing on my laptop. I hate my laptop in general. I am staying in a building that has like 18 different types of dungeons in it… Maybe I should take my laptop downstairs and tie it up and show it who’s boss. I’d be all like… “Take that you laptop. You’re a useless piece of shit and you’re not even worth doing my taxes on!!!! Now do what you’re told or I will beat you harder.” Then if it didn’t do what I told it to do I would beat it harder. Dumb whore of a computer.
James Deen 02/18/2011


On another note, someone ate my ice cream and that fucking sucked. It was really good ice cream and I was looking forward to enjoying every bit of it and when I went to eat it… GONE!!!! Bullshit home slice!!! B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T… bullshit!!!!
James Deen 01/21/2011
I also ate some ice cream and decided that I am going to take as many pictures of myself licking random things as humanly possible.
James Deen 05/18/2011.
I ate some Thai food. It was nothing impressive. The place was called monkey something or other. I give it one b cup. The service sucked but it’s cool because I totally took off my shirt and swung it around my head at the table.
James Deen 01/26/2011
She was kind of worried about my penis because she heard a rumor that it was crazy big. When she realized I had a medium sized penis she was totally excited to bang, and bang we did. After the banging I did some other stuff and ate a pizza.
James Deen 01/28/2011
Afterwards we all went and ate sushi. That was fun. I got mad at the waitress because she sucked so I made her walk back and forth from the kitchen like a million times. The sushi was pretty good though. Like two nice b cups good. I also had some garlic bread. Not with sushi… That would be crazy. I forgot how awesome garlic bread is. I need to start going back to the basics.
James Deen 03/18/2011.
Every time I see her I try to explain to her how I’m actually in love with her but she still thinks I’m joking. Whatever, I have spaghetti now. I don’t love spaghetti as much as I love Monique or as much as I love burrito’s but it is pretty delicious.
James Deen 03/2/2011.